Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jaswant Singh hangs on to PAC shamelessly

Jaswant Singh has refused to quit the post of  chairman of the Public Accounts Committee even after BJP explicitly asked him to vacate this position.  The PAC, which is constituted every year, examines accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by Parliament for the government’s expenditure and scrutinizes the annual finance accounts. These posts are decided by consensus and has been with the opposition party as a matter of tradition

One can understand his reluctance as PAC chairperson gets an office in Parliament building and a staff, among other perks, just like Leaders of Opposition in both Houses of Parliament. Earlier, Singh, who was Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha till he got elected to the Lok Sabha from Darjeeling, was unwilling to vacate his office in Parliament, making the issue a talking point in the party.

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