Monday, August 31, 2009

Sangh comes out stronger post Jinnah controversy

Olive Schreiner  (South African Writer, 1855-1920) has famously said

“Everything has two sides - the outside that is ridiculous, and the inside that is solemn”

Its only a fortnight since Jinnah controversy hit BJP unexpectedly causing unprecedented organizational havoc and confusion. Things came to such an impasse that RSS Sarsanghchalak himself had to step in to calm things down.

One can argue that BJP has been badly bruised from this mêlée and it will take a long time for it regain its original sheen. but as olive rightly said, there are two sides of every issue. If we take a dispassionate view of things Sangh has actually emerged stronger from this entire affair. 

BJP finds its ideological mooring

Any political organization is alike a chariot, Ideology is charioteer and organization is the carriage. From time to time, chariot may slowdown as carriage would need maintenance but as long as charioteer is clear about its path, the organisation will be back on road towards destination in no time. Problem occurs when there are multiple charioteers driving the chariot in different directions. BJP by design or chance was in a situation of being driven by multiple charioteers who had no common ideology except may be lust of power. This incident has helped organisation to sideline elements who donot adhere & conform to party ideology.  With a decisive move, BJP has managed to bring in an generation change. Any loss due to this will be temporary. As sarsanghchalak narrated

Any party that has workers who have tears in their eyes fopr its wellbeing cannot decline, it will even rise from ashes 

Congress the unintended victim

Whether congress has realised it or not, Congress is also an unintended causality from this episode. Till date with the support of “friendly historians”, congress had shielded themselves behind “Jinnah is sole culprit” facade. But now country is asking & analyzing uncomfortable question about the role congress leaders played in events which lead to partition of country. Now it appears that Nehru is also not above blame.

It is also becoming clear that once upon a RSS was not untouchable within congress. RSS had sympathies & support of Sardar Patel and several other prominent leaders within congress. 

RSS wins laurels

People now have much fairer view of RSS & how it functions. They themselves perhaps for first time saw on live television how RSS lives by what it profess. Its leadership has won laurels(even grudgingly from secular media) by the way it is handling this episode. RSS is suddenly talk of town. This can only bring more goodwill for the organisation and make it further stronger

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