Friday, September 04, 2009

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest Rudali Media

It seems YSR’s sudden demise has seriously effected the intelligence and common sense of Indian Media. Some of the news they have been disseminating is bordering to absurdity! Or is it media is playing the role of Rudalis to create an icon for congress.

Dumbest of the pack is The Times of India with their outrageous claim that  67 YSR fans has died of shock.  According to TOI

More than 60 people across Andhra Pradesh have died of shock or committed suicide after the death of their chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, prompting his MP son Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to appeal to his late father's admirers to be patient and brave.

Would TOI please enlighten us how this data was authenticated? Whats the source of this data? In the hustle bustle of making money from dead, TOI may have forget following

Crude Death Rate of AP is 7.4/1000 and out of which Cardiovascular diseases is the leading causes of mortality, responsible for 33% of all deaths. That essentially means that AP with a Population of  76,210,007, every day more that 500 People die due to Cardiovascular diseases. I guess TOI  is assuming anyone who died due to heart attack on the day YSR died would be due to shock!

When it comes to covering Sob stories how can undie TV be left behind. One of their top honchos(not to be confused by Ghonchus) flew in a helicopter to show the viewers the aerial route that YSR's ill-fated flight had taken. The news unfolded something like below

Honcho(shouting on top of his voice to be heard) : “We are now on top of thick forest one can only imagine the difficulty on that illfateful night”. Camera pans down and shows recently harvested paddy fields. After some time they just gave up and started showing some old footage

Another  reporter belatedly told us

“YSR started his political career here, he knows this place like back of his hand... if anyone can survive in there it is YSR”

(errr... did YSR start his career in Jungle)

Then a famous congress leader comes for interview. she played her role very well with a long face.

Myself and YSR had a colourful past(i guess she meant chequered) ... We both were very frank with each other(she meant used to fight a lot)

Its only Indian media which can create a comedy even out of a tragedy


It seems the death toll is now increasing by hour. Not to be outdone, CNN IBN played the Gladiator tune in background while reporting the death of YSR. They are now leading the race of reporting highest death toll due to death of YSR. According to IBN,

As many as 122 people across Andhra Pradesh reportedly died of shock or committed suicide after the death of Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, prompting his MP son YS Jaganmohan Reddy to appeal to the people to be stoic and brave.

if you would notice the text  for both IBN and Times of India report is same except for number of deads.  Our sources in media is telling us that by tomorrow we are expecting the death toll to cross the death toll due to Tsunami.


india15august said...

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anant said...

How can you forget CNN-IBN dramatising news by playing the Gladiator tune in background.

india14august said...

Are you by any chance writing the editorials in Pioneer? Today's (Sept 5) edit page in the newspaper says talks about the andhta death rate and 500 people dying every day from cardiovascular disease. Hm......

Panchajanya said...

You can be assured I donot write for pioneer, they might have just copied a portion of my work. I donot claim any of my work, its for public consumption and use