Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lets hear what the the "other" side in our country says

As nation grapples to formula a credible response to 26/11 a section of society has started its usual ranting.

According to SahilOnline, published from Karnataka (yes its karnataka in India...) and signed by Feroze Mithiborwala, Kishore jagtap, Sayeed Khan, Varsha V V, Amol Madame, Arif Kapadia, Afaq Azad, Chetna Birje, Reshma Jagtap, Irfan Mulla, Jagdish Nagarkar, Mulniwasi Mala, Ghazala azad, Munawar Khan, Saeeda Khan, Noorjehan Momin, Tito Eapen, Winnie Thomas, Inayat, Jyoti Bedekar, Anil Hate, Avinash Kamble, Chand & Harshwardhan Vartak says...

This terror attack in our analysis has been planned & orchestrated by the Sangh Pariwar and its allies within the security apparatus to counter the investigation of the ATS led by Hemant Karkare..

The go on to add..

The Indian Mujahedeen is a creation & the front organization of the Indian security apparatus. The role of the "IM" is to seek to entrap Muslim youth. Organizations like the IM are created with the backing of criminal elements from within the Muslim community as well as informers. The IM is known to be linked to the Fazlulrehman gang as well as the Bhatkal brothers with similar criminal antecedents.P-237

If that is not enough Amaresh Misra  writes in counter current which is one of most quoted sources for Seculars in India says that Mumbai Terror Attack was handiwork of Anglo-American-Mossad-RSS Nexus! Incredibly, he also says


" somehow surprising to learn that the terrorists in Cama hospital in Mumbai were fluently speaking Marathi.

He also claims that

The attackers would not have come from the sea route without some kind of a connivance of Gujarat and Maharashtra Governments with the terrorists, and the connivance of RSS type Hindutva elements as I will prove later in the piece.

Now you would be wondering who this Amaresh mishra is? Is he really a  Indian? Well hold your breath... He is the poster boy of Secular press in India. 

He is a regular writer in Outlook

He regularly writes editorial in The Hindu

he even contributes in Indian Express

I am not sure what should be done of ANTINATIONALS like Ambarish Mishra? The least we can do is throw him into the jail.


Bharat Sharma said...


I do not know if you know that Amaresh Mishra is the son in law of RK Sharma of Shivani Bhatnagar murder case.

Panchajanya said...

Thanks I was not aware of it!!!!

Scrawler said...

ha ha...throw him in jail"? for what?To make it even more worser?Sitting in jail,he'll start penning all 'anti national slogans'...and it might fuel up his popularity!!