Thursday, December 04, 2008

Garewal apologises for Pak flags remark

Bollywood's veteran actress Simi Garewal, who kicked up a storm with her comment on a TV show that slums in Mumbai can be seen sporting Pakistani flags, has apologized, saying she was wrong and stood corrected.

Ms Garewal, There is no need for you to apologize. You only told the harsh reality which our secular media is not willing to accept. All you got wrong was location. Even in Mumbai, there were instances when Pakistani flag were hoisted.

Govt to conduct inquiry into hoisting of Pak flags

Maharashtra government will conduct an inquiry by inspector general of police to probe the circumstances leading to communal tension at jamod in buldana district, where "pakistani flags" were put atop trees on july seven. the announcement was made by deputy chief minister chhagan bhujbal, who holds home portfolio

It was only few months back Pakistani flags were hoisted in Assam

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