Sunday, August 17, 2008

Secular responses before and after Bangalore/Ahmedabad bomb blasts

India Milli Council (AIMC)
AIMCexpressed grave concern over the “excesses” committed against the Muslims in the ‘witch hunt’ in the name of fighting terrorism and demanded a judicial commission to examine alleged police excesses against innocent Muslims and other weaker groups.
(Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told AIMC that their proposal for setting up a judicial commission to look into alleged excesses against the Muslims in the name of fighting terror would be examined closely for possible remedial measures.)

Lalu Yadav, Railway Minister
The minority community members are being apprehended and harassed there. They have again started the same thing now. Bombs are now being found everywhere from roof tops to shrubs to trees. What was the state and its police doing when all this happened? Culprits should be booked but only after solid

Prof. Dinesh Oza, a journalist and human rights activist working in Gujarat
“Around 400 innocent Muslim youths have been picked up by the police for interrogation with regard to the recent serial blasts in Ahmedabad. We condemn the terrorist act, but demonizing of a particular community without investigations does not augur well,”
Asghar Ali Engineer of All India Secular Forum
“It is beyond anybody’s comprehension that all the live bombs in Surat did not explode, while in Ahmedabad most of them did. The bomb disposal squad defused the explosives without any safety gear and with smiling faces, even the bystanders showed no fear as they watched the bombs being defused,”
Shabnam Hashmi from ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) voluntary group.
“The unexploded bombs in Surat were planted as high as on hoardings and tree tops and had to be brought down with the help of a crane. Shall we believe that terrorists were planting bombs with the help of cranes, about which Surat police were unaware,”
ICC general secretary Digvijay Singh
"People should take cognisance of the fact that the blasts took place when the BJP was in trouble. Whenever the BJP is in trouble, bomb blasts take place in the country. When the Tehelka issue rocked the House, Parliament was attacked, Jaipur blasts took place when the Karnataka elections were on and recently when the BJP's trust motion was defeated bomb blasts took place in Ahmedabad and Bangalore".
Holding the Sangh Parivar responsible for the blasts, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister said:
"It is intriguing that in Surat bombs were found on trees. I have evidence to prove that the persons owing allegiance to the RSS and VHP were involved in making and planting the bombs." He added that fanatics of both communities were involved in terrorism.
Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil in the Lok Sabha.
These are our brothers who have gone astray. We have a duty to bring them back to the family fold. It is only through dialogue that a solution is possible


1conoclast said...

I'd believe a Digvijay Singh anyday.

Don't you remember sangh parivar workers being arrested in Kerala while trying to plant a bomb at their own office. They admitted later that they were doing this to make the Muslims look bad.

The sangh parivar is not above anything. Based on proof, one can only agree with Digvijay Singh.

Panchajanya said...

Can you please some me some link to substantiate this claim?

1conoclast said...

OF COURSE! I've never made a claim that I haven't seen before. Here you go:

If this doesn't satisfy you, I will find more proof & provide you with it.
If necessary, I will devote an entire lifetime to expose the evil machinations of hindutvis & the sangh parivar. :-)

Panchajanya said...

First of all it was not kerala but it was in Tamilnadu,S econd have you even bothered to check about Twocircles?

1conoclast said...

Good. I expected that to come from you. I will present you with a more credible source. Will you believe me then?

1conoclast said...


I'm unable to find the link from the Hindu & the milligazette right now. I wish I had bookmarked them. As luck would have it, I found that not just Kerala & TN, there's been similar activity in Maharashtra as well.

This from The Hindu should do it for you:
"Police investigators have demonstrated a similar inability to advance their investigation against the second major category of possible perpetrators - Hindu fundamentalist terrorists who might have been seeking to avenge Islamist terror strikes. In April, Bajrang Dal cadre Naresh Kondwar and Himanshu Phanse were killed in a bomb-making accident at Nanded. Along with their fellow Bajrang Dal terrorists, Maruti Wagh, Rahul Pande and Ramraj Guptewar, Kondwar and Phanse had succeeded in putting together at least one bomb before the explosion."


One more? Here:
"Perhaps the former Chief Minister was alluding to the discovery of a bomb making factory in Nanded (Maharashtra) at the house of old RSS activist which saw deaths of two Bajrang Dal / RSS workers ( April 2006). Five other members of the terrorist group were also arrested by the police. The most disturbing part of the whole episode revealed how a well-thought out plan to start a communal riot was on the anvil. Apart from maps of mosques in the area police had discovered fake beards or dresses normally worn by Muslims in the area. Further interrogation of the other accused in the case had also made it clear that the same group was also responsible for a few other incidents - namely Parbhani, Jalna, Purna - in Maharashtra where Muslims had come under mysterious attack at the time of friday prayers"


Do you still think the sangh parivar is blameless?