Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Indian democracy unfair to Muslims' : Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi in an interview has said that Indian politics has been unfair to Muslims and despite secularism Muslims are discriminated against.

Wipro Owner Aziz Premji who is one of the richest Indian is a Muslim. Muslims have risen to hold positions like president of India, Chief Justices of Supreme Court and captain of Indian cricket team(eventhough he betrayed the faith we put on him). The entire bollywood is ruled by Khans.Shah Rukh Khan reportedly was the top tax payer among actors for 2007-2008 with 34 crores in income taxes paid.

In fact the UPA Govt. as part of their appeasement policy has declared that
"minorities, particularly the Muslims, have first right over the national resources"
The minority welfare budget is Rs 1,000 crore, Maulana Azad educational fund corpus from Rs is 250 crore and in the 11th Plan the corpus is going to be increasede to Rs 750 crore. The UPA has also created a national commission for minority education. She herself have been an MP and an successful actress. She received the national awards consecutively for three years from 1983 to 1985 for her roles in movies, Arth, Khandhar and Paar. Another film named Godmother (1999) brought her another national award taking her tally to five national awards.

I am not sure what caused her to make such outrageous comments. dont know what else we need to do to make her feel comfortable!


Four flats in Juhu, and a house in Khandala are what actor Shabana Azmi owns, if some of the prominent people from the film fraternity are to be believed.


TOI decided to do a reality check. Its reporters posed as Muslim flat-buyers-Mohammed Hanif and Abdul Rashid-and called up several builders' offices and real estate agents at random, inquiring about the availability of flats. The results were by and large contrary to what Azmi alleged.



1conoclast said...


One thing you can do is ASK Ms. Azmi what she's talking about. That will help you understand better instead of arriving at your own conclusions.

For sure, she isn't talking about herself or the others that you've mentioned. She may be referring to those who kinda disappear under your radar.

In any case, write to her & ask her. Her response will only add to your blog.



Pinku said...

I agree with Iconoclast, u have picked out her comments and her not giving the background on which she was talking.

The average muslim is still under a lot of pressure. after having lived in India he still has to prove his Indianess everyday.

You and I can badger the country no end without any qualms but one word out of a Muslim fellow citizen and we brand him Paki sala.

Dont we?

Panchajanya said...

She was very plain in what she said. No ammount of justification can justify the rubbish she has said. Another one in her category is Arundhati Roy.

No one asked to prove Abdul Kalam Azad his Indianness. Why cannot he be the role model instead of people like Bukhari!

1conoclast said...

Who SAYS that he isn't the role model???????

Don't get obstinate about what she said. What's stopping you from asking her? Write to her man. Ask her. Do some research. Don't just rant.

1conoclast said...


Here you go: