Monday, August 18, 2008

Abu Bashar's house becomes centre of attraction for secualr forces

From a teacher at a madarassa to an alleged mastermind of the horrific serial blasts that rocked the nation, the prime accused in the Ahmedabad blasts case Abu Bashar's house has become the centre of activity for "secular parties"

After strong vocal support from Laloo,
UP's former chief minister and Congressman Ram Naresh Yadav went calling on Abu Bashar's family. However, he had to beat a hasty retreat when people shouted slogans against the administration.



1conoclast said...

Hey! I agreed with your China bashing totally. This however is uncalled for.
The Congress is the party responsible for you leading the life you lead. Don't attribute one Ram Naresh Yadav's actions to an entire party!
If that is admissable, maybe one should keep bringing up Bangaru Laxman...?

Panchajanya said...

If congress is not responsible for action of their MLA and their ex chief minister Then who is? In case of Bangaru He was immediately removed and BJP has to take full responsible for his actions.

1conoclast said...

The bjp did not take any responsibility for his actions. He was removed & that was all.
You should thank your lucky starts that the Congress is not petty minded & doesn't keep bringing up old issues like the bjp keeps doing; otherwise they'd have made an issue of it (corruption in the bjp) in every election.
They only make an issue about the bjp's communalism, because that's an anti-national activity & deserves to be made an issue of.