Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A protest in contrast

Protest in Jammu

Protests in Jammu

During Idgah march.

Protests in Kashmir

Protests in kashmir

But Congress feels the Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti and the Hurriyat are two sides of the same coin.


Pinku said...

are u being fair??

the pic from Jammu shows innocent kids celebrating independence day...the Kashmir pic is of people who after years of alienation are reacting to wild fears of being displaced. Or made into a minority in their own land.

And as for your query about the congress stand point I havent read of such a view but I did hear of BJP leaders going to attend meetings in Jammu which will of course only make matters more grave rather than resolving the issue.

Panchajanya said...

Its not true, the picture was taken from TOI. Bye the when have children started attending independence day in front of police station wearing saffron bandana?

Pinku said...

thanks for the new pics they are more impartial.

To answer your query ....the grounds infront of the Police station was regularly used in my hometown for Independence day and republic day celebrations.

Pinku said...

and as for the Kashmiris behaving so, maybe your post on the Korean situation will give you some leads. Remember to the average Kashmiri he is an Indian under duress. The plebescite that was promised them aeons back never happened. And now we are trying to change demographics thereby further diluting their dominance in their own land.

Panchajanya said...

What are you talking lady!! land for setting up facility for pilgrims who would be using the facility for 2 months in a year!

other is permanent people changing themselves. There is lot difference between two.