Monday, September 28, 2009

UPA Cavesin on China threat

It does not take long for UPA pendulum to swing from one extreme to other. On austerity, its between three month stay of a  ministers in Taj Man Singh Hotel to train ride of Crown Prince. On China affairs its between  scaring the nation about looming china threat and trying to convince that  China is Bhai Bhai. Never mind in between they have to bear cattle gates or China pokes in ADB.

In a rare and rather unusual development, the ministry of home affairs moved to take legal action against two reporters of The Times of India.- Nirmalya Banerjee and Prabin Kalita for misreporting incidents on India China border. It surprising considering UPA themselves excel in planting misleading stories about their opponents. How can we forget AP CLP using media to spread canard that people were committing suicide due to death of YSR

Even the military leadership was browbeaten to submission, Indian Army Chief was advised to cancel his proposed tour to china. India's Air Force chief went a step further by announcing that Indian air force was just a third the size of China's.

Even the China Study Group meeting called by NSA to discuss the fallout of Chinese incursions into Indian territory has been postponed. Instead, he chastised Media for creating hype.  An Indian proposal to have an airbase in Mongolia appears to have been shelved amid concerns that it could exacerbate tensions with China.

Minister for External Affairs S M Krishna closed the chapter by calling boundary with China most peaceful. Not surprised as he just called Pakistan a friendly country.

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