Friday, October 02, 2009

Karat holds RSS responsible for China threat “Bogey”

Karat’s love for china is no secret but his current rambling has crossed all the boundaries of reason. Of course you can ask question the logic of expecting lo reason from Communists especially when china of the ir folklores is involved.

How can Karat not feel nostalgic when china is celebrating 60th anniversary of rise of communism there . We can also expect some sadness and sense of loss due to lost opportunity of 1962.  He has profoundly expressed his displeasure at rising tensions between India and China.

Writing in an article titled “Chinese Revolution: An Epoch Making Event, he has accused the RSS and the US arms lobby of creating complications in India-China relations. According to him, the increasing china threat perception in India is a bogey being created by RSS and US arms lobby.

There has been a revival of the bogey of the threat from China among sections of the corporate media and strategic experts

He also scoffed at Indias move to increase its much required defense preparedness against China as it may deepen the India US relation. I guess he has got his priorities right, India having any engagement with US is a strict NO NO even if it makes India weak against china.

He has even called for revival strategic partnership with china. I assume he meant Tragic partnership

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