Friday, September 11, 2009

Is UPA = Ulta Pulta Affidavits

Just like Justice Mukherjee Committee report on Godhra Carnage, S P Tamang report on Ishrat encounter was released with near perfect timing. The Maharashtra state election are looming and as always seculars had Modi on crosshair. 

Congress spokesman Manish Tewari as usual spoke from wrong end of the body 

"It has become increasingly evident that there is man-eating government in Gujarat" 

M Veerappa Moily, The Law Minister told us that Modi  would have been in "some other place" if the fake encounter had taken place in a foreign country. Hope Moily will realize that those countries donot have many Afzal Guru’s enjoying state hospitality while assorted secular Human right activists are fighting his case. 

Never mind the fact that as per NHRC data for alleged Fake Encounters 2004-2005: Gujarat has only 5 cases pending, while Congress ruled AP had 21, Maharashtra had 29, Mother of Secular SP ruled UP had 175, and lastly congress ruled National Capital Delhi had 18. Congress ruled  AP recently announced cash rewards ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 12 lakh for killing Naxalites. A total of Rs 16 crore was put on the heads of 1,133 Maoists. Lastly has congress forgot how KPS Gill under their own rule dealt with terrorists “summarily”?

And then it hit them out of blue, all grand plans went awry. Things went so wrong that Mr. Roy of NDTV could not prevent himself from lamenting the fact that the Gujarat government had "dug up" a Home Ministry affidavit that claimed that Ishrat Jahan was indeed a terrorist. Then it was confusion and utter chaos all-round.

For secular print media, Ishrat encounter suddenly moved to page 3, they found more merit in informing the nation the pranks which priyaka plays and likes of NDTV started discussing whether encounter killing are necessary evil? The issue is snowballing into a major controversy between the Home and Law Ministry. Law officer who filed the affidavit got the sack as he was lowest in the food chain. Minor details like affidavit was cleared by then Special Secretary (internal security) Anil Choudhary & was in the knowledge of the then Home Secretary Dhirendra Singh was  got lost in translation.  Also lost in fine print were the facts contained in affidavit about disclosure of Shahid Mehmud, LeT’s chief operational commander in central Kashmir, and his Pakistani associate Zahid Ahmed (arrested in June 2004) to say that Amjad Ali had entered India under instructions from LeT’s boss Muzammil to organise terror networks.

One can only sympathize with Congress predicament of having to explain to nation where they stand? With their home ministry who have certified that Ishrat is a terrorist or with the party or Low opps Law ministry who has been running a strong public campaign that Ishrat's was innocent

In the melee, only causality is fight against terrorism and the innocents who get killed by it. I guess it worthy a sacrifice at the altars of irresponsible political opportunism of congress

Terrorists are non-state combatants using strategies and tactics forbidden  by international humanitarian law. They donot deserve any mercy

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