Friday, September 11, 2009

The C’s that is killing CPM

After intensive study spread over several months, CPM has managed to  pinpoint the ideological and social cause that is afflicting the party cadre to “C”. Yes it is the “C” that is killing the party. No its not the “C” as in communism. It is the “C” as in consumerism, careerism, casteism and capitalism that is bugging and corrupting the young Marxists.

It might be a challenge for CPM to force its cadre to give up gluttonous craving for the bourgeois style of life. After all its only few months since a CPM central committee member in Kerala rubbished suggestions to revive old Spartan lifestyles. He said

“like of yore, you can’t build the party by eating vadas, drinking black and smoking beedis”, 

CPM party newspaper in Kerala, Deshabhimani, recently translated the feat of an American eating 68 hotdogs in 10 minutes as the contestant literally eating roasted dogs, not knowing it’s a sausage-sandwich garnished dish served hot.

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