Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Govt says no to National War Memorial

Insulting the country's martyrs has become a habit of the UPA government. After virtually spitting on the graves of those who sacrificed their lives in Kargil, the government has now shot down a proposal for National War Memorial.

The proposed war memorial to pay tribute to every soldier who has laid down his life for the country was nipped in the bud after the urban development ministry refused to allot land near the India Gate in the national capital.

The urban development ministry shot down a proposal by the ministry of defence for the memorial within the India Gate complex.

Despite deep anguish within the armed forces for the indifference shown towards its martyrs in the recent past, the urban development ministry said it cannot allot land behind the India Gate for the memorial. Statutory clearances will not be forthcoming, it said clearly.

The ministry's view is that setting up a war memorial behind the India Gate hexagon would disrupt the layout of the complex. It will interfere with the sensibility of the area.
The ministry also fears that a war memorial on the complex would make it a high-security area and therefore drive tourists away.

Same congress but ……

YSR lays foundation for Wakf mall

The complex was being built on the 3,800 sq feet of land acquired by the Board for Rs. 20 crore. Government had waived the stamp duty of Rs. 2 crore needed for its registration. The 3555 sq. feet of open land on the left side of Haj House acquired from Deccan Motors would be kept vacant for accommodating Haj pilgrims, Mr. Shabbir said.

He said the Rajashekhara Reddy government had created a history by taking back 50 acres of Dargah Hazrath Baba Sharfuddin land at Pahadi Shareef from APIIC(Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation) and handing over the same to the Wakf Board. Its present value was Rs. 350 crore. This clearly proved the minority friendly attitude of the chief minister, Mr. Shabbir said. He said the steps taken by the government for welfare of minorities was being appreciated so much so that there was demand in other States to replicate the “YSR minority model”.

Thank you congress for showing martyrs their place!!!

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