Saturday, August 08, 2009

Google gifts Arunachal Pradesh to China


The map shows Arunachal’s southern boundary with Assam and northern boundary with China in broken lines, while the state’s eastern and western boundaries with Bhutan and Myanmar are shown in continuous white lines.


Google satellite maps showing areas of Arunachal Pradesh in Mandarin rather than Hindi or English, effectively making them appear as part of China. The changes were first noticed on Thursday, just hours before Friday’s crucial Sino-Indian talks over border dispute.

Meanwhile, In the backdrop of Beijing’s fresh claims on Arunachal Pradesh, the special representatives of India and China met on Friday to discuss the boundary issue, but not much forward movement is expected in the two-day talks.


Anonymous said...

Google Maps China shows the entire state as well as Aksai Chin in J&K and parts of uttarakhand as chinese territory.

Panchajanya said...

Thanks for the info