Saturday, August 08, 2009

Google admits mistake but several questions remain

A spokesperson for the search giant said in a statement.

"Earlier, this week, as part of routine update to Google Earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data,"

Google has accepted the mistake but several questions remain

- Was the process a manual or automated process?

- Why just Arunachal Pradesh(or disputed places). Why no other place in India like say Kerala or even other place which share border with China?

- Who were the people who decided on this, one cannot be blamed for doubting the honesty/impartiality and professional integrity of this team. India has every reason to be afraid that this team can do other mischief's also.

In fact not just Arunachal Pradesh, Entire J&K, and some parts of Himachal Pradesh/Uttarakhand are shown in mischievous way


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JSincro said...

This is bad for india!

A wake up call of some sort?