Monday, February 23, 2009

UPA Govt. almost gave away Kashmir: Reports

The Washington Post said on Sunday citing an article by investigative journalist Steve Coll set for publication in New Yorker magazine.

Coll, a former Washington Post managing editor, writes that the resolution of the Kashmir issue was the cornerstone of a broad agreement. Under the plan, the Kashmir conflict would have been resolved through the creation of an autonomous region in which local residents could move freely and conduct trade on both sides of the territorial boundary.

The attempt ultimately failed, not because of substantive differences, Coll writes, but because declining political fortunes left then Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf without the clout he needed to sell the agreement at home.

With the offer to make Kashmir a Autonomous territory, UPA has made a joke of Indian Parliamentary Systems.

In 1994, Indian Parliament has unanimously passed resolution declaring entire Jammu & Kashmir that includes the territories illegally occupied by Pakistan and China as an integral part of India.

SHAME! with congress party at helm... We dont need Pakistan to try disintegrate India!

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