Friday, February 20, 2009

Today Azhar... Tommorow Afzal Guru?

Its finally confirmed that former Indian skipper Mohammed Azharuddin will join the Congress party. senior party leader Veerappa Moily, who is in charge of Andhra Pradesh in the All India Congress Committee, said

"Azharuddin will formally join the Congress today,"

Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin was banned from playing cricket for life after being found guilty of match-fixing.  This is what CBI reports after their investigation

It is clear that Azharuddin contributed substantially towards the expanding bookie/player nexus in Indian cricket. The inquiry has disclosed that he received large sums of money from the betting syndicates to 'fix' matches. There is also evidence which discloses that he roped in other players also to fix matches, which resulted in this malaise making further inroads into Indian cricket.

The evidence against Azharuddin, which is discussed next, clearly establishes the fact that he took money from bookies/punters to fix cricket matches and also the fact that the 'underworld' had approached him to fix matches for them.

Finally, Azharuddin in his statement, has specifically recalled that he 'did' the match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur for the Guptas during the Pepsi Cup Match, 1999, after which he received around Rs 10 lakh from an 'unknown' person, on behalf of Guptas. However, in view of the large amount of money Azhar has received from Guptas and the 'hospitality' he has enjoyed though them it is very difficult to believe that he 'did' only one match for them. Azharuddin has also stated during his examination that Abu Salem had rung him up on a couple of occasions to fix matches but he had refused. Ali Irani, in his statement, has said that Azharuddin had told him once that "he was 'doing' matches for Anees Ibrahim and hence, he cannot do with anyone else."

The Congress party seems to have completely lost the plot, or why else they would take a tainted person like Azhar who betrayed the trust of country and his teammates. With this act, they have legitimized the disgusting and shameful acts of Azhar!

So the key question is if congress can take Azhar, will they shy from taking someone like Azfal Guru! 


Chandreyee said...

what's new....hasn't our 'Great Indian Democracy' seen a l-o-n-g tradition of criminals contesting in polls.. If murderers and thugs can do it then why not azhar!!! After all,we are a very 'tolerant' race,aren't we?? that's all we do,sit around and tolerate all kinds of outrageous activities and proceedings around us..

Panchajanya said...

Chadreyee... He is not ordinary criminal. He betrayed the trust of the nation.. He literally sold it...