Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why is chargesheet silent on local support for 2611?

Wrapping up its first phase of probe in the 26/11 strike, Mumbai Police has filed chargesheet against the lone captured terrorist Ajmal Kasab and 37 others, a majority of whom were Pakistani nationals who are all still wanted.

This include only two Indian nationals--Fahim Ansari and Sabbauddin-- who are already in custody of police.

Now the question is why is chargesheet so silent on Local Support? Earlier Mumbai police commissioner Hasan Gafoor had said 16 Indians were part of the 26/11 terror plot which of course later he retracted.

Here are excerpts from transcripts of questions and Gafoor's answers :

Q: Sir what is your comment on the 30 questions put by Pakistan government on 26/11?
A: We have not received any official comminication. Let the report come to us than we will be able to comment on it.
Q: In such a big attack there must definitely be local support?
A: Yes, we have arrested the two - Faheem Ansari and Sabahuddin Ahmed.
Q: Besides the two was there any other logistical support?
A: Yes, we identified a few who had acted much earlier.
Q: Are they from Mumbai?
A: No, from North India. They had done reccee, financial support, arms training etc. We have given the names of these 16 to Pakistan.
Q: Why should we give these Indian names to Pakistan?
A: Because they have gone to Pakistan and disappeared.
Q: Do the 16 include the nine dead terrorists?
A: No, they are 16 wanted fellows.
Q: Sir it is big breaking news. For the first time you have revealed there are 16 more? (This question is asked twice)
A: Yes, I don't remember exact numbers, they may be 14-15.

Its really difficult to believe that operation of this magnitude can happen without local support. This is what NSG Chief said during operations

"They knew the layout plan of the hotel (Taj Mahal) too well. They entered rooms where there were too many doors. The terrorists navigated inside the hotel much easily as compared to the NSG commandos.”


How is this possible without local support?

Has UPA govt. fallen so low that they have considered votebank politics above national interest! Country deserves to know who these 16 Local Supporters are? They belong to which Organisation? etc...

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