Sunday, January 04, 2009

We are proud of you

Unlike the arm chair commentator in New Delhi our country is safe due to patriots like this

Chamkaur Singh of Bhaini village

"We won't migrate even if war breaks out between India and Pakistan. We will stay back to assist the soldiers. At the most, we will send our children and womenfolk to safer places,"

Residents of Mahawa village have started an akhand path at the memorial set up at the site where 15 soldiers and three civilians had died on January 5, 2002, while laying mines following the terrorist attack on the Parliament on December 13, 2001. Kashmir Singh one of the natives says

"Villagers have donated generously to raise a gurdwara in the memory of brave soldiers who died for their country. That's the kind of veneration we have for the Army, and, therefore, even if border villages have always borne the brunt of Indo-Pak conflicts, we refuse to move out till the very end," 



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R.Sajan said...

When would a Keralite say such words? Never.