Saturday, January 10, 2009

BackBencher Rahul Gandhi

Some time back, Lamenting the poor quality of education in India compared to other rahul_280_03202007 countries, AICC general secretary and Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi took a dig at his alma mater, St Stephen’s College. He Said
“We don’t ask people (students) to ask questions. When I was studying at St Stephen’s College, asking a question was not (perceived to be) good in our class.
“You were looked down upon if you asked too many questions.”
But Stephanians thought otherwise.
A teacher who taught Rahul when he joined the college in 1989 to pursue History (hons) Said
"Rahul Gandhi always came with a couple of security guards to the college and mostly preferred to sit on the back bench and didn't ask anything. At St Stephen's, we not only encourage students to ask questions, but to ask even uncomfortable questions so that we can teach them to have an opinion,"
Pankaj Misra, an alumni who now teaches Sanskrit in the college, says,
"Rahul was two years my junior. He was neither too good in studies nor a regular student. So it doesn't really mean anything if he makes such remarks."
Another faculty member at the college who requested anonymity pointed out,
There are nearly 36 clubs and forums at the college which promote a liberal culture. The Informal Discussions Group allows students from all courses to discuss varied issues. But during his year-long stay at the college, Rahul hardly participated in any of these forums."

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