Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taslima Leaves India, Secularism stands Betrayed Today!

After being kept in virtual house arrest for last several months. Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has finally given in to the pressure of Indias "Secular" crowd. She has decided to leave India for good!

Before leaving India Taslima Nasrin said the treatment meted out to her by the Government of India was nothing less than "cold-blooded state terrorism to drive her out of the country"
Relieved that her "house arrest in a free country" was ending, Taslima

"Fundamentalists do not torture you to death. They just finish you off.  But the Indian Government slowly pushed me towards death. My terrible experience has shattered all notions about a secular and democratic India,"

Is this the same country who was home for opressed all over the world!  We gave home to Jews when they were persecuted all over the world! When Zoroastrians were persecuted and driven out of their country India gave them abode and safety!

My head hangs in Shame today!

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