Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congress have learnt nothing and forgot nothing

French diplomat Tallyrand's scathing criticism of the Bourbons - "they have learnt nothing and forgot nothing" - is being particularly apt for the ruling party at the Centre. In 2005, it was Jarkhand, In 2006  it was Bihar, Now it is Congress's "misadventure" in Meghalaya, where D D Lapang was sworn-in as CM but could not face a trust vote, paving the way for an NCP-led alliance to wrest the mantle. 

This is the fourth instance since UPA came to power,  Raj Bhawans being used blatantly for manipulating government formation.  Not only has Congress learnt nothing from its previous experiences, it does not seem to be shamed by the embarrassment that it has repeatedly faced

This also the second successive setback to the Congress in the northeast. Not too long ago, the Congress high command was persuaded of the merits of placing Nagaland under central rule only to see the ousted regime of Neiphiu Rio come back to power through a popular election.

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