Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chicken: India's new National Bird

It is rumored that current UPA Government is seriously considering to adopt the chicken as India's national bird. The senior leaders of the Government are of the opinion that National Symbols should be a reflection of national psyche and Peacock, the current national bird is considered too aggressive to symbolize India. chicken3~ (2)

India's official response to various issues's  ranging from the Taslima Nasreen's controversy to current uprising in in Tibet - can best be described as chicken hearted.

Moreover, The Secular brigade lead by CPM has taken strong exception to India continuing to adopt "Peacock" as national Symbol. The secular Brigade is of the opinion that Peacock is too closely associated with Hindu Religion. Its considered vehicle of Lord Murugan and even Lord Krishna's Crown always has a peacock's feather. Due to this Peacock,  donot comply to the strict standards adopted by the UPA on matters pertaining to secularism. Chicken is considered a far "secular" bird considering almost all the religions eat it without reservation. Some pockets of reservation from religious veget arian Hindus can be ignored as they are too few in Numbers afterall you cannot please all with such decisions.  Communist leaders has taken a strict stand on this issue . In Last Party conference, They have passed a resolution

Change National Bird to Chicken or we will withdraw our support

In view of this, Madam Sonia has written a letter to PM Singh and has instructed him to constitute a commission to sanitize all the national symbol and make sure that they are secular. It is rumored that even national emblem will be reviewed because it has lotus in it!

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Anonymous said...

Is that a real pic or photoshop? Feel so sad for the cock if it was real...

Ankit Garg said...

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