Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If Bobby Jindal is Indo American why is Sonia Not Indo-Italian?

The News papers today proudly published 5 "Indo-Canadians" elected to Alberta assembly. The news is about Five Indo-Canadians who have been elected to the Alberta Legislative Assembly, elections for which were held on March 3. One of them Manmeet Bhullar was Born in Canada, His parents left Canada in 1970's

Previously, there were reports on how Indian-American Bobby Jindal made history a year ago winning Louisiana governor Election. Boddy Jindal was also born and Raised in Canada. Similiarly, We also  read newspapers declaring ecstatically about how "Indo-American"  Sunita Williams  has conquered Space .  She was not only born and Raised in US. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call her she is Indian-Slovenian American as she is a Slovenian from Mothers Side.

Going by the above standards, Why is the same Media not calling Sonia Gandhi "Indo-Italian". In fact, unlike the above cases she was not even born in India and she took Indian Citizenship only in 1983! That means she is an Indian only for last 25 Years! 

Its Amusing considering the fact that even NRI's donot have voting right!

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