Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Babies Day Out

Our crown price has just returned back to Indraprasthi after discovering Orissa. During this trip he visited Kalahandi to study  "Poverty as it happens in India" . Addressing the praja there, he reminded them his special relation with them thru his father, He said

Main yahan aayan hoon. Mere parivar ka aapse khas rishta hai. Mere pita Rajiv Gandhi bhi yahan aaye. (I have come to you as my family has special relation with you. My father Rajiv Gandhi had also came here.)

His visit gave Sleepless Nights to the BJD-BJP Government there. Oh No not in Bad way... Our prince is too naive opps.. Nice  for that. After full day of Hardwork, who can blame if the young price gets a bit playful at night and decides to play "Police and Thief" with the real police. I am sure his mother will be real proud of him because he beat the local police hands down and spent more than four hours in a tribal village without the police finding him out.

In one of the remote Village where people  were not fortunate to enjoy the divine presence of "Royal Family" of the country,, He humbly introduced himself and explained to them in Simple Language

“I live in Delhi. I am a MP and I assure you that there in enough money in India, but the money is not reaching you. Why India, there is enough money in Orissa as well. There are many mills and natural resources here. The people of Orissa are poor, but not the state,”

He told them a story of a place  called Andhra Pradesh where "Honey and Money" flows. He narrated

"In Andhra Pradesh the money is straight away transferred to the bank accounts of the workers".

There was a rumble of excitement among his  entourage  as they assumed that by "workers" he meant "congress workers". In ancient times,  the Entourage of Royal Family was sometimes referred as "congress Workers"

During one of the interactions, he was annoyed with the lack of intelligence among his praja as they kept asking him "how should one join politics"   He asked

 “Why is it that at every single meeting I attended during my tour of the State, people asked me the same question — how should one join politics?”

Is it too hard to understand the Basic Funda of Politics? To join Politics, You have to be born into Royal Family! People should moderate their expectations if they think of ruling the country without having the royal blood in them. However, the Political Analysts are trying hard to understand what he the fifth Generation Crown prince  meant when he said "people should be promoted irrespective of who their parents were". 

On Saturday, Taking a break from political rallies and public meetings, Rahul baba  showed his love for sports  and promised to promote the game. He said

"I have something in mind for the development of hockey and I will do something concrete. You will come to know about it later,"

I am not sure why he forgot to mention that  he got admission to St Stephen's College under Sports Quota, He is a known expert in Rifle Shooting. However, The list of Games  he won for Rifle Shooting is a closely Guarded Secret. Currently, he is busy organizing Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Tournament in his backyard-Amethi. We are told by Royal Messengers that that this cricket tournament will be played using "Tennis ball".  

"Anyone interested in entering politics does not know how to join a party," he observed in Orissa, adding, "Why is it that at every single meeting I attended during my tour of the state, people asked me the same question -- how should one join politics?"

Next week he would be traveling to "Discover Karnataka"

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