Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nepal Maoist launch Shrill attack on Indian Political Parties from India!

Top-rung Maoist leader and party's central committee member C P Gajurel launched a scathing attack on Indian Opposition Party BJP by holding it responsible for "sabotaging" the April elections to the Constituent Assembly of  that country. C P Gajurel had come to the Chennai to attend a meeting of an Indo-Nepalese forum.

Speaking at the program he said, "Elections have been postponed thrice... The US and the BJP and its sister organisations such as VHP and RSS in India do not want the elections to be held for their own vested interests,"

I am amazed at the audacity of  a foreign political player to launch an attack on India's Opposition Party while in India!!!

It seems Indian backers of Nepal Maoist CPM and Congress has given them an Open Cheque!



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