Thursday, August 10, 2006

We the Democratic Republic

We take pride in calling ourselves the largest Democracy in the world. In the last elections, more than 600 Million of us voted out a Government which ruled us for more than 5 years. The Power tansfer was smooth withour even a mumur of protest.

Now lets step back and take a realistic point of view of the government what we have today:-

- We are lead by a Prime Minister who has not even won a Municipal election in his entire political life.

- Our Defence Minister has not been elected been elected to Loksabha EVEN ONCE.

- Our Home minister is a political Non Entity

- In the cabinet we have Laloo Prasad Yadav, Union minister for railways who is under trial for no fewer than seven cases, six of them criminal, relating to the infamous fodder scam, in which an estimated Rs 900 crore worth of non-existent fodder was purchased by a succession of governments in Bihar

- Ex Minister Taslimuddin faced nine criminal charges. According to a report of the legislative committee of the Bihar assembly in 1996, he was, even then, "a habitual criminal whose offences range from extortion, cheating and rape to dacoity and attempts to murder".

- Ali Ashraf Fatimi, According to police records, he is implicated with an inter-state gang of kidnappers that has kidnapped people for ransom in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and UP. Fatimi, however, has only one criminal case actually registered against him, but the police says this is because he's enjoyed the unstinting protection of Laloo Yadav for the last 14 years.

So are we really Democratic. Is it not time to ponder

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Sharan Sharma said...

The problem *is* the democracy. if laloo is getting elected, it is the people who are doing so. Who are these people? Weak people. How weak? So weak that they no longer care who they put a stamp on in the ballot sheet, as long as they are left alone and allowed to live.