Monday, August 07, 2006

My Friend Called Gandhi

Last week, I met Gandhi, my best friend from kerala. Of course Gandhi is his nickname, He got it during our college days due to his insistence on using Swadeshi and belief in Non Violence. It is paradox that we had such a person in kerala, a state whose economy is based on NRI's and Political System draws heavily on Violence.

I could not believe my eyes and ears (literally), when I met him. Firstly because he started to speak in chaste American Accent and secondly he had a Black Eye. More than his black eye, I was more intrigued by his American Accent as he had never left the shores of Kerala.

Nothing had prepared me for the explaination, he gave for his condition. "I have married to a girl who works in a Call Centre" was his explaination. He elaborated that his wife is employed in a Call Centre who supports customers in US and she was trained to speak in english in US accent. The poor thing has got so used to American English that she speaks American English even at home which rubbed on to him also. I can only imagine the confusion at home. Since his wife follows American Working Hours, its good evening from her when its morning for him and at night its good morning. You can imagine the "things" they might be missing, no wonder he used to go missing during lunch hours. They have two lovely kids Kittunni and Kannan whom she started calling kit and Kat. He almost had a heart attack when she started calling him Dick, short of Diwakaran.

The breaking point happened when he realised she is working in a company promoting viagra. He like any of us would do confronted her but he did not realise that now all young females in call centres are being trained martial arts. Rest is history.

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