Friday, August 04, 2006


I am not sure on why all the controversy surrounding the finding that there is unacceptable ammount of Pesticide in Coca Cola and Pepsi.

I being an eternal optimistic always like to look at the bright side of things so I decided to develop develop a list of Advantages:-

- First of all, It is not Cokes or Pepsi's mistake that there is pesticide in the drinks. Those guys donot import water they are using the water we give to them. They just sweeten it for us. Indians are reaping what they sowe.

- One of the side effects of lindane (one of the pesticide found in Coke and Pepsi) is it can reduce the sperm count. Imagine the Positive impact at a time when government is trying hard to reduce the population. I would suggest that Govt. must make it compulsary that every able bodied male should have a coke or pepsi every day. Never Mind that its banned in most of the countries. Na Rahega Baas No Bajega Basuri.

This is the age of multiple use stuff. We have cellphone which can be used as camera etc. Hey now we have Softdrinks which can feed both human and plants. Zero Wastage. Infact, the softdrink companies should be given "innovation of the year" award.

Chlorpyrifos(another pesticide found in Coke and Pepsi) is effective in controlling cockroaches, flies, termites, fire ants, and lice. For me, this seems to be the ultimate baygon spray. At Roadside Dhabas, before food, first sprinkle the table with some softdrink it will kill all the flies there. I have even started to bathe my dog with softdrink to kill all the lice on him.

Footnote: Who else will give us a product with so many uses in 5 Rs.?

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