Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is this a consipracy?

Last couple of years were strange times for Hindus in India. We watched with dismay every symbol of our faith being attacked. I guess it started with the Outrageous arrest of Kanchi Seer Sri Jayendra Saraswathi. He was arrested during a midnight commando operation. We were told that haste was because he was planning to escape to Nepal in a helicopter. Personally, I am yet to see a helicopter which can fly from Hyderabad to Nepal. Also, when is the last time a Murder Suspect was arrested in a commando operation? Hope the same overzealous police is aware that there is a warrant against Imam Bukhari of Delhi in the Kerala High Court for the last 15 years, but no policeman had arrested him.

There were series of attacks on revered Hindu temples, RamJanam Bhoomi Temple in Ayodhya, Sankot Mochan temple in Varanasi to name a few.

Then there was the controversy surrounding ice lingam in Amarnath cave shrine. We were told that this year man-made lingam had been installed in the cave since the natural one failed to appear. Strangely, this lingam disappeared prematurely!

Now the evil shadow has been caste on the the Sabarimala Temple one of the most revered temples in South India. It started with a strange controversy in which an actress claimed that she had touched the Idol, an impossible feat considering the Idol is 11 feet inside Garba Griha.

More outrageous was the arrest and sacking of the one of the head priests of the Sabarimala temple. The whole issue started with the Thantri lodging complaint with the Kochi police alleging that he was taken to a house by a group of unidentified people and forced to pose for photographs with women. Police instead of helping him arrested him and he was sacked! The Secular Media Screamed" Sabarimala priest sacked after expose". Now it seems that the Tantri was victimized. The conspirators Shobha John along with her two aides was arrested from Kochi.

One incident can be a aberration, two a coincidence, three has to conspiracy!

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