Thursday, October 15, 2009

Indians you can breath easy now – Rahul Baba is here

Indians can now breath easy. Rahul Baba has empathetically declared that Arunachal Pradesh is very much part of India. This should rest any doubts in our Minds.

“Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian state, Tamil Nadu is an Indian state, Jharkhand is an Indian state. My attitude towards all the states is the same and it will not be changed.

I am sure he might have raised this during their visit to China Last year. Last year Rahul Baba, Sonia Mama, Priyanka Didi and Robert Vadra Uncle were official guests of Communist Party of China (CPC) for inaugural ceremony of the Olympics 2008

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abhipar said...

Rahul Babaji, what about Kashmir. Will you dare speak about kashmir in Lal Chowk...Will you dare to scrap Article 370...and when Rahul babaji, says that he does'nt believe in caste, creed, communal and religion based politics, then Babaji, will support Uniform Civil Code..