Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chandrayaan II Naming Contest: What should be the spot on which first Indian will land be called?

Thru Chandrayaan I, for first time in history India was able to  reach the lunar surface. And the spot was named “Jawahar Point” after you know who.

Now with Chandrayaan II for first time in History an Indian will put his foot on moon. It will be a huge achievement for India and its scientific community. It is rumored that the UPA Govt is struggling with vexed issue of what should we call the spot where Indian lands? I patriot I have decided to do my best to help this government.

I call upon all my compatriots to suggest most suitable name. In accordance with GOI approved naming conventions, only names from First Family will be allowed.  Scenarios such as “Rahul Gandhi should have his first child before that and we should give both moon and Rahuls Kid same name” is allowed.

Now let your Imagination flow…..

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