Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Was this really necessary!


Former Indian foreign minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Jaswant Singh, right, and Pakistan’s high commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, left, pose at the release of Singh’s book


JSincro said...

I dont really know!
I havent gone to the depth of this issue, but I dont understand why Jaswant Singh is being treated like this, and why was Advani treated differently on a similar matter!
Secondly, " writing and expressing personal views are liberties given to us under our constitution"! Jaswant Singh has been quated as saying that he wasnt given a chance to explain and that the decision of expelling him came over a telephone!! He's a senior leader in the BJP.... I somehow just dont get what Rajnath Singh is upto....and that whole issue going on with Raje in Rajasthan.....Please explain to me if I am wrong in my opinions in any way!

Concerned Indian said...

I am not a BJP worker so will not try to justify their actions. But we need to consider following

- First of all LKA made a comment, he didnot write an entire book and didnot go to all media channels saying Jinnah was a great personality and demonising great personalities like Patel. Second, Advani's comments were misquoted and blown out of propotion by media. Thirdly, even for juust a comment, Advani was also asked to step down from his position. SO it was not as if he was not reprimanded.

- Then on his freedom to write, He is leader of a political party which adheres to certain ideology. his actions should be in line with these constrains. If wants to have independent opinion.

- I refuse to believe BJP has not made him aware of consequences of such a book. Every one knew such a book was coming and I am sure behind closed doors he was made aware of implications.

- Every political who is based on ideology has some laxman rekhas, Jaswant Singh just crossed one of those.