Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chronic Attention Seekers

Jaswant singh

A person  lives in several circles which are not mutually exclusive. He/She may be a son/daughter, a mother/father, a citizen of nation, a responsible person in a society and may be even a leader of an outfit etc etc. Every circle has its marayada and responsibility.

One cannot be just responsible and respectful towards responsibility and maryada of one circle  forget others. He/she has to be a responsible son/daughter at the same time he has to be a responsible leader/citizen/father etc..

In Jaswants Singhs case, it he seems that he is more focused towards his role as a independent citizen of this nation but is forgetting his responsibilities as leader of a nationalistic political party whose survival depends on goodwill of common citizens who love this nation and cannot forget "painful" part of history for which the Pakistan founder was directly responsible.

He is acting like a chronic attention seeker. In these circumstances, I donot seem him very different from Rakhi Sawant. Only difference being one is material while other is more psychological.

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