Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shocking revelations show how deep church has penetrated India

In continuation of Sister Abhaya Murder Case

Its shocking how church has penetrated each and every pillar of India democracy and scuttling an investigation which would show them in bad light.


Sister Abhaya was found lifeless in the well of the Pius X Convent and the hostel. When the body was found, church authorities told the media that she had committed suicide.


Local police ‘investigated'  for 17 day and said it was suicide

Due to efforts of local community leaders, case was handed over to Crime Branch


In the course of the nine months probe under the crime branch, to the shock of all including the court, vital evidences and records related to the case simply disappeared or were purposefully destroyed. The Superintendent of Crime Branch, K.T. Michael, who initially investigated and reported the death as "suicide", obtained written permission from the RDO (Rural Development Officer) to take possession of Abhaya's personal articles - her veil, chappels, personal diary and such other personal goods that are of high evidentiary value from the RDO court. The whereabouts of all those items which has been considered as critical evidences, were  found missing .


It was at this juncture, the CBI was forced to step in. CBI started investigating under the direct supervision of its officer Varghese P. Thomas  a upright officer awarded with the prestigious President's National Medal. However, he was pressurized by his S.P. Thiagarajan to stop investigations. Due to these pressures the Upright Officer decided to quit his job in 1994, when he had still 10 years service. Then Team after Team of CBI investigated the case with no result. Some even pleaded with the concerned court to allow to close the case. The present CBI team team probing the case is the fifth one.


New Indian Express (legacy of Arun Shourie) makes startling reveloation that the chemical examination at the Government Forensic Lab pointed to Abhaya being raped before murder. But high-ups had used their clout to Suppress and a false laboratory chemical examination report given to Police and CBI. Ravindran,  the scientific officer (its believed that he was whistle blower) at the Chemical Examiners Laboratory, and his wife Ajitha Kumari, were killed in a Mysterious accident last month.


In a shocking revelation, the CBI has told the Kerala High Court that a former Karantaka High Court Chief Justice and currently judge in the Supreme Court (Justice Cyriac Joseph) visited the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Bangalore and viewed video tapes of narco analysis tests conducted on the three accused in the case. The judge was a devout faithful of the powerful Knanaya Catholic Church, to which the murdered nun as well as the two accused priests and nun belonged. 

Even PMO?

CBI Deputy Superintendent of Police Thomas P Varghese, who resigned from the agency told the Thiruvananthapuram Chief Judicial Magistrate that pressure had come from the office of then Prime Minister P V NarasimhaRao to hush up the matter 

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Thanx for putting up this valuable piece of news. We need to make every Indian aware of how our so called "secular democracy" works!