Thursday, March 12, 2009

State of Secular India - Continued

In Kerala LDF and UDF vie for Muslim fundamentalist votes

UDF and the LDF are bending over backwards to appease these elements who are eager to paint themselves in a larger- than-life canvas. The IUML, which is searching for a candidate for Ponnani, is learnt to have dumped M K Muneer, following opposition from the Jama’ate- Islami and the Popular Front of India, the new incarnation of the NDF.

The PFI and the Jama’at-e-islami are dead set against the candidature of Muneer, who demanded that the IUML publicly state it does not need the extremist vote. And the IUML leadership seems to have decided against fielding Muneer.

Things are more chaotic in the LDF camp where the CPI is up in arms against the dicates of the PDP chairman Abdul Nazar Madhani, who even went to the extent of saying that a communist will never taste success from Ponnani. Pinarayi, who branded the NDF a recruiting agency for terrorists, did not say a word when former Madhani associates were arrested one after the other for terrorist links.

Who is Who:

Abdul Nasser Madhani: CPM seems unconcerned by the fact that PDP leader Madani was prime accused in the Coimbatore blasts of 1998  and was exonerated for lack of evidence. He still faces around 20 cases in Kerala, which includes spreading communal hatred. 

NDF: Muslim Fundamentalist organisation based out of kerala. During first week of October last year, in Kashmir’s Lolab Valley, the army intercepted five heavily armed militants, attempting to cross LoC to go to PoK. In the encounter, two were killed and three escaped. The dead militants had several papers including diagrams and literature in Malayalam regarding assembling of bombs and IEDS. They also carried voter ID Cards in Malayalam. Two days later, among militants killed in Kupwara in the encounter with security forces, there were two Keralities. They also carried papers, Kerala bus tickets etc. Subsequently, Four NDF men Thaha, Nizar, Askar and Mohammed Nizar were arrested for recruiting jehadis and sending them to PoK for fighting Indian security forces. Police and IB investigations have revealed that the four Kerala militants killed in Kashmir are Mohammed Fayaz, Abdul Rahim, Mohammed Yasin and Mohammed Fayees.



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