Thursday, March 12, 2009

State of Secular India

Election is good time to ascertain the credentials of Messiahs of Indian secularism. For rest of election season I would try to capture snippets of info which would expose this self styled messiahs.

Catholic Church pressurizes congress for its candidates

Thrissur Archdiocese’s demanded that Congress should field Vadakkan as its candidate for Trissur in the Lok Sabha election. Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council (KCBC) has justified this demand. 2009031156220301

However, a section of state Congress leadership (read hindu) has come out openly against this shameful move. A group of Youth Congress activists even burnt effigy of AICC secretary Tom Vadakkan  in front of the Thrissur Corporation. Backlash for speaking against Vadakkan was immediate and brutal, State spokesman of Youth Congress Gopa Prathap was expelled from the party for six years for speaking against Vadakkan. 

Prathap isn't alone in going to town against Vadakkan. Even former minister and senior Congress leader K P Viswanatha Menon on Saturday had said Vadakkan would lose the poll if he contested from Thrissur because he was the nominee of a particular community (read Christian).

I can only pity Hindus in Kerala...

Secular CPM ditches Long time Ally for Madhani

CPM and CPI in Kerala is at loggerhead for the Ponnani Lok Sabha seat

The CPI is also not in happy terms with the issue of the Ponnani Lok Sabha seat with party state secretary Veliyam Bhargavan openly challenging CPI-M state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan for not having allotted the seat to CPI, which was regularly contested by the CPI.
However, The CPI-M leadership is of the view point that given the political situation, an independent candidate backed by the Left and the PDP of Abdul Nasser Madani would give a winning possibility in the heart land of Muslim politics, hitherto dominated by the Indian Union Muslim League.
For the unaware Madhani was the key accused in Coimbatore bomb blast Aimed to kill Advani and which killed 30 Innocent people. Sources in the CPM say that the CPI-M would work to the defeat of all the CPI candidates as there was a bitter war of words between the leaders of both the parties vis a vis the Ponnani Lok Sabha seat.


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