Sunday, March 15, 2009

State of Secular India - Continued - 4

Christian Pastors root for YSR

Pastors and Christian religious heads from the city and district expressed the view that only the Congress can safeguard and uphold the secular fabric of the Constitution that guarantees all citizens the freedom to pursue the religion of their choice. Thousands of pastors and Christian religious leaders participated in a meeting organised by Visakhapatnam Pastors Fellowship at the Municipal Stadium here on Friday.

Later giving details to newsmen, State Pastors Fellowship president Rev K. Pratap Sinha said that a Special Minority Corporation was established, a subsidy of Rs.20,000 was being extended to Christians to visit Jerusalem and Rs.15,000 worth material was being sanctioned to poor Christian couples who were marrying at mass weddings. All these benefits were being extended to Christians in AP as nowhere else in the country, he said and gave full credit to Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy for these programmes.


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Anonymous said...

There begins subsidies and appeasement of christians also. sigh.