Monday, March 16, 2009

Media blind when DYFI does a SRS in Trivandrum

An outlet of Café Coffee Day at Kowdiar was allegedly vandalised by a group of DYFI activists.

A restaurant employee said

“Around 100 DYFI activists armed with sticks and stones attacked the restaurant. When some customers tried to escape, they also attacked them, including women,”

A DYFI activist, however, told The Hindu that the DYFI Palayam area committee had taken out a march from Kowdiar Junction to the outlet to protest against the restaurant’s promotion of “immoral” activities among the youth.

Now the question is where is screaming headlines from Secular Media? Will Renuka declare a Cafe Bharo andolan this time? Where is the PINK Undie brigade? Will DYFI get Red Undies?

or Since its DYFI, Youth forum of CPM  it become a secular beating thus acceptable


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