Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A poll on Magalore incident


Lexiss said...

This poll is biased. The choices you have given bias the voter into choosing something you want.

How about a choice which says "I would be concerned and talk to her about it later, but in the end its her decision, I can only advise."

"I'll put a stop to it" - Doesn't it infringe on someone's right to take their own decisions ?

Panchajanya said...

Agree with your observation. It was unintentional slip. I have changed accordingly.

Lexiss said...

Thanks :)

Another point is that most women don't drink with complete strangers.

It's usually trustworthy friends who would make sure she gets home safe later.

Even in the Mangalore incident, the guys who accompanied the women came out to their defense, and in the process got beaten up by the hooligans.