Monday, January 26, 2009

Mangalore Incident: Sit back and evaluate

The secular media has gone berserk on the shameful incident of 40 people reportedly barged into a pub in Malgalore and viciously attacked girls who were at the pub.  I guess this being in a BJP ruled state gave them additional motivational.

Moral policing is not something only Hindu Organizations do. We have seen moral policing by each and every group in India.

  • Why do people forget about banning of Dance Bars in Mumbai?
  • How about banning of various books and Films by both communists and congress?
  • You cannot grow certain kind of plant in J&K as it is used in blending beer and Liquor is  against Islam!!!!

So please spare us from this moral outrage over Hindu organizations doing moral policing.

Then come the issue of some youths attacking people in a PUB some of them happened to females.I am not in favour of people taking law and order in their hand.

But can some one answer these questions for me:-

  • Will you allow a Dance Bar (in that matter any Bar) near to your house. I remember there was a plan to start a bar near to my house and the entire community came together and started an agitation and got in stopped. So every community like to keep its neighborhood clean.
  • How is this so different from the various public lynching cases we have seen in past? A simple browse would give us 100's of such cases.

This is a simple law and order problem and it should be tackled at that level  and Karnataka Govt has already initiated action against them.


Lexiss said...

Well, I agree to most of your posts but not this one.

Crime committed because of profit is different from crime committed for presumed moral-high ground.

Certain countries have a provision of classifying certain crimes as hate-crimes and the police deals with hate-crimes much more strictly than other ones.

I believe the same should be done in India. Crimes committed on presumed moral-high ground should be handled strictly, irrespective of which religion performs it.

I agree with your points about dance bars and the ban on books.

But the existence of a bar in a residential location is a different issue all together, unrelated to this case. I wouldn't want a bar near my house, but would equally not-want a temple or a masjid near my house, because both the places are a nuisance, due to the noise and the loud speakers.

They should be located in non-residential / commercial locations.

We need not stoop to the level of other religions, that too for axing our own feet.

Sumanth said...

Sri Ram Sena are a bunch of pathological lunatics just like some feudal goons seeking violence and attention in media.

If hooliganism, street violence, moral policing and taking law into their hands are signs of taliban, then let us see who all qualify to be termed as Taliban.

1) Mamita Benerjee dragged a SP MP by collar in Indian parliament. Has not she taken law into her hands and was as violent as Sri Ram Sena in the middle of India Parliament?

She is female Taliban according to the definition applied to "Sri Ram Sena".

2) Both Renuka Choudhury and Uma Bharati are accused of publicly slapping men (we have seen videos), they both are taliban as well.

So, what moral authority Renuka has got? He herself is partly responsible for harassment, arrest of 1,23,000 women with out investigation under one single IPC.

She needs attention, which her father or bf never seemed to have given.

3) Women's organisations attacked arrack sellers and husbands in south India, they are also taliban.

Banning liquor is taken from south Indian feminist text books only.

If liquor is injurious to social life in rural India, then it is equally injurious to social life in urban India as well. One guy being drunk killed 4 people just 3 km from my home in Bangalore.

4) Couple of women's organisations broke furniture in Delhi High court opposing whistle blower justice JD Kapoor's 2003 statement that "Dowry law is misused". A lot of misery would have been averted if these Taliban were arrested and punished severely in 2003 itself.

They are also Taliban.

5) Sri Ram sena called the girls prostitutes.
At 20% of 1,23,000 women were threatened about false cases of "prostitution" in Indian police stations when they were arrested under 498a.

If Sri Ram Sena is Taliban, then Indian Police is also Taliban. Ban Indian Police.

The Sri Ram Sena are just like children in comparison to the violent behaviour shown by Indian Feminists, Indian police and women's organisations.

There is no difference between women's organisations and Sri Ram Sena. Both want to oppose "drinking" by beating up the sellers and customers. Both are Taliban.

1) If a man drinks, he is a drunkard.
If a female drinks, then she is liberal.

2) Drinking in Pub is social service.
Drinking Arrack in village is criminal activity.

3) Arrack sellers have to be attacked.
Pub owners have to be given Ashok Chakra.

Only Urban morons have right to drink and murder people on road.

What a double standard?

Sri Ram Sena has to be banned, because they are Taliban.

Before that ban all other hardened Taliban, who slap men in public, attacked arrack shops, broke furniture in courts, lied and mislead the country.

Ban Renuka, ban Mamita, BAN AIDWA.
BAN Indian police, for calling innocent women prostitutes.


If terrorist Taliban Sri Ram Sena and extortinist police and taliban women's organisations are not banned, then people must be allowed to take law into their hands and beat up all these terrorists.

Some 20 women are beaten and molested in Mangalore.

The crimes committed by Indian police and UNIFEM funded feminists on Indian women (also men) are much bigger. Ban them all.


If a male MP dragged a female MP by collar in the parliament, has society reacted in the same casual way?

If a male MP or politician slapped a female in public view, has the society reacted casually?

Crime has no gender.

The social double standards are very clear.
Female criminals get away, where as male criminals are put in jail.

Today, being a female taliban is fashionable. After slapping men, these bitches are giving sermons on civilised behaviour.

Save Indian family

Chandreyee said...

mind your language sumanth...I'm no great fan of Mamata Bannerjee either, and yes she is a perfect hooligan...but that does not give you a right to use the B-word....i strictly dislike vandalism of any sort and for that reason i simply think that woman is completely insane..
But just b'cos there's a 'female hooligan'(taliban, as per u) doesn't give any male a right to harm women.
It's nt just about women, it's about every indian citizen's rights..if those men came and beat up other men only,then also i'd b saying the same thing-"please liv peacefully n let others do the same.." Don't take it personally,but i think u r being a tad chauvinistic...

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