Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can an Indian PM take oath on Gita?

Barack Obama, the first black-American President of the US, on Tuesday took oath on the same Bible used to swear in Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

Point to Ponder: Can an Indian PM take oath of office on a Gita and quote from it?

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R.Sajan said...

In enlightened Kerala, Moslem MLAs and ministers take oaths in the name of the Allah. An Ezhava MLA took oath in the name of Sri Narayana Guru, a 19th century Ezhava Guru. All these have been upheld by the Kerala High Court.

Before long, MLAs and ministers might take oaths in the names of their parents or spouses. At least a few honest MLAs might in future, swear in the names of the party or business house Boss that arranged their tickets.

Recently, Sasi Taroor asked the audience of a meeting at Kochi to hold their hand to the chest [as Americans do] while singing the National Anthem. In a country where most of the youth, and many of the politicians do not know the words of the Anthem at all, a Mallu immediately filed a case against Taroor for disrespect of the Anthem.