Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Baichung Bhutia refuses to carry Olympic torch

Indian football captain Baichung Bhutia has refused to run with the flame when it reaches New Delhi on April 17. image

Bhutia faxed his decision to the Indian Olympic Association on Monday after he had been chosen for the honour of carrying the Olympic torch on the India leg of its journey.
Talking to TOI , Bhutia, a Buddhist, said,

‘‘I sympathize with the Tibetan cause. I have many friends in Sikkim who follow Buddhism. This is my way of standing by the people of Tibet and their struggle. I abhor violence in any form.’’

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Kent said...

Why don't your team refuse to attend Beijing Olympic game?Stay at home and have a good summer~

Beijing won't welcome you as well.People even don't know that Indians can play soccer~

You are nothing but a SIMPLE BRAIN~

CNN stupid reporters manipulated the truth to cheat naive people like you.

Anonymous said...

Not many in India watch CNN by the way. You are overrating their influence. Yes, we do not play good soccer. So?

Anonymous said...

i understand why bhutia refused, he lives in sikkim and it also happens to be a place where there are lots of tibetans and consists of one of the places where the dalai lama once lived. If bhutia carry the torch his house would be in flames. i remember once india lost to china, bhutia said the chinese team cheat and dives almost at every touch by the indian team.
People in india do not need to watch CNN, the indian new channel suffice as the mouthpiece of the tibetan giving them free air times to air their views and causes. A lot of people including the likes of aamir khan comes out and say they sympathise with the tibetan cause, i think they are just saying so just to be polite in a political manner.
Times of india in particular from what i see from the site has been a n obvious supporter of the tibetan and like their mouthpieces.