Monday, March 31, 2008

Say No More "Even A policeman can do it"

If you are used to saying the phrase  "this is so simple that even a Policeman cimagean do it", Its time you change it, especially in Kerala. Perhaps, a new phrase "this is so simple that even a politician can do it" will have an universal appeal,  even in Kerala.

As a sign of changing times (or shall we say increasing unemployment), The fresh batch of 240 sub-inspectors of Kerala Police getting ready for their passing out parade has  four MBAs, four MCAs, two M. Phil, Three B. Tech, Six Double Masters Degree and 75 post-graduates.  but if you are expecting a more "suave" behavior from Police, Don't get your hopes high as there are several studies which show that there is no direct correlation between "Degree you Hold and Intelligence you have". Replying to a question in the assembly, Kerala’s home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that there are 607 criminals in Kerala Police. They are accused of crimes ranging from rape to murder. 

Understandably, State IPS officers are worried over the surge of professionals in the lower ranks. There are only six PhD holders among the state’s IPS officers. Yet, at least a dozen sub-inspectors are doctorates. So much so that they even Increased the basic height qualification from 165 to be 168 cms to prevent this Mad rush from "overqualified" Applicants.

There are rumors that even our Eight Failed Chief Minister VS is also a bit worried at the prospect of commanding a Police Force of Ph. D's. 

With so many MCA's working as SI's and our Eight Fail Chief Minister as IT Minister,  how can Kerala Police not have a Website for themselves. All excited by the prospect of communicating with Police thru the anonymity of Internet and never having to set my foot in a Police Station, I started searching for Kerala Police Websites. Since I hail from Trissur, I decided to start from there. A simple Google Search and God Behold... They had a Website.. A nice website and what more can we ask they even had a button giving police tips to naive public. For the benefit of illiterate they even depicted it  pictorially.  The first tip it gave was how to react when someone grabs your ass. Second Tip Educates the ladies that they should "Whistle" when in trouble. I guess the idea is by whistling Loud she will attract more "Poovalans" thus creating a competition/conflic between Poovalans and she can scoot during the confusion. 

Second Hit was the State Police HQ website itself. Do you see an uncanny resemblance between Between Kerala Police Website and this website? Even though there might be other resemblances, for now lets keep our observation focused on the falling flakes.

With such a splendid setup, we hope KP Continues to Police us and save us

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