Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today China threatened that it will not allow Olympic torch to passes through New Delhi next month if  "if security is not foolproof ". I guess they were referring to the Tibetian protests in India supporting the Uprising in Tibet. The Olympic flame represents the basic spiritual significance of the Olympic Movement and it would be outrageous even to suggest that china would use this symbol to Armtwist India into submission! 

China needs to realise and accept the fact that India is NOT china. We are worlds largest Democracy and our citizens enjoy their fundamentals rights provided by Constitution of India. it is the "Basic Right" of people here to protest and it would be outrageous for china to even suggest how we should be treating our citizens.

After the betrayal of 1962, China has using every opportunity to block india's rise on World Stage whether its proposed East Asia Summit(EAS)  or Permanent Place in UN Security council! In case of EAS, China strongly disapproved of India's inclusion into the proposed. In fact so much so that, In early 2005, Beijing dispatched diplomats to Laos (then “country convener for India” within the ASEAN regional grouping) and other Southeast Asian countries to dissuade them from lobbying for India's Membership(albeit unsuccessfully).  Having failed to keep India, Australia and New Zealand out of the EAS, the Chinese Foreign Ministry then came up with another proposal to keep them down. On the eve of the summit, Beijing proposed that the existing ASEAN Plus Three (APT), and not the new 16-member EAS, should be in the driver’s seat for the formation of a future community-building exercise. After arriving in Kuala Lumpur for the summit, Premier Wen Jiabao insisted that

“[t]he East Asian Summit should respect the desires of East Asian countries and should be led only by East Asian countries.”

In case of India's effort to get permanent place in UN Security Council, China gave leadership to the group opposing it! They conveniently forgot a historic debt China owes India. China managed a seat in the Security Council only because India, when invited to join the Security Council in 1955, declined in favor of its bigger neighbor.

India's then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in a letter to the country's top political leaders – explaining why he supported Beijing

"The first step to be taken is for China to take her rightful place, and then the question of India might be discussed separately," 

Chinas efforts to undermine India does not stop with here. In last several years, they have been arming Pakistan thru Missile and Nuclear technology to Keep India Bogged down in South Asia. not only Pakistan and—since 2005— Bangladesh that is being gifted nuclear teeth courtesy Beijing. In Burma, Apart from their listening post in Coco Islands, Beijing is developing the Sittwe port as a safe harbour both its merchant men as well as its battle ships. There are also reports—as yet unconfirmed—of a PRC electronic listening post in one of the Maldivian Atolls. It is more shocking iof we consider the fact that  during the recent Tibetian unrest China stationed forces on the Nepalese side of the border with Tibet last week, in order to keep tabs on protests by Tibetans in Nepal ! 

Inspite of these Overwhelming Evidences on China's designs,  our SHAMELESS and SPINELESS UPA Government has taken a position subservient to China!

When the entire democratic world condemned harsh Chinese crackdown on legitimate Tibetan protests in Lhasa, the best Indian Government could come up was an expression of  “distress” over the “unsettled situation and violence” in Tibet and wanted the causes of trouble in the “autonomous region” of China to be resolved through dialogue and non-violent means.

Now it appears that the Vice President of India also have to take permission from China to meet a Person Staying in India!!  Earlier there were some rumors that  Vice President Hamid Ansari is set to meet the Dalai Lama, India’s “honoured guest”, when he visits New Delhi! However, GOI rushed in clarified that Vice President Hamid Ansari had no plans to meet the Dalai Lama!

More shameful is the action fo Chinese stooges in India Namely CPM and CPI! They even refused to utter a word against china. In fact, When Parties here should be worried of China Encircling India, The communist were more Worried about US using India to Encircle China! To counter this, Mr Karat Said

“We shall not rest in our fight till strategic ties with the US are snapped.”

The Citizens of this nation has lost all their hope from this Moth Eaten edifice called UPA Government!  The patriotic Citizens of this nation should RISE and PROTEST! Let the thunder of protest shake the foundation of this Spineless UPA Government. Our fury should make the fifth columnist Shiver with fear ! Lets the foes think twice before they threaten our nation next time! 


Vande Matram!

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