Monday, March 03, 2008

In Search of a Second Miracle

India will soon get its first female saint. And no, its not Mother Teresa.  Sister Alphonsa from Kottayam, Kerala has pipped Mother Teresa, who is "more well-known and a Nobel laureate".

The Missionaries of Charity indicated that they were ""trying their best to fast-track the procedure of conferring sainthood on Mother Teresa".

The Vatican has to find another miracle before they can declared Mother Teresa as a saint. Her first Miracle was "healing of an Indian woman with a cancerous tumour."

Sister Alphonsa was beatified after a handicapped boy of Kottayam was cured of his deformity as he prayed at Alphonsa’s tomb.

I am still waiting to hear a word from the enlightened scientific and CPM led Atheist community in India on their opinion on these Miracles.

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