Thursday, March 06, 2008

iIPOD the universal Device

These Days just about everyone and their dog seems to have an iPod.  So much so that Levi Strauss company, has announced  that they will be selling specialized jeans designed to hold an iPod. Now if you are bored with using your iPOD as a Portable Music Player. Here are some of other innovative uses of iPOD.

1. lose weight with your iPod

Nike and Apple are making the iPod compatible with gym equipment. The Companies on Tuesday said they are working with several gym equipment makers and the health clubs 24-Hour Fitness and Virgin Athletic Health Clubs to allow members to plug their iPod Nano into cardio equipment.

The Nanos would track workouts, set goals and upload the information to a Nike website. The new technology is expected to hit more than 500 gyms worldwide this summer.

2. iPod as Flashlight

During the major blackout in 2003, many New Yorkers improvised after nightfall and used the light generated by their iPods to get around their apartments. It was a makeshift way of doing things. But now there is a more formal way of using your iPod to light your way. For about $13, you can purchase Griffin’s iBeam, an attachment that will quickly turn your iPod into a combo flashlight and laser pointer. As they say, be prepared.

3. iPod in to a Universal Infrared Remote Control

You can turn iPod in to a universal infrared remote control which can be used to control all your home electronic equipment, or just about anything that uses a remote control.

How? Basically, you have to  "record" the "sounds" an infrared remote makes on a PC and then put them on an iPod as songs. Adding a special sound-to-IR converter then turns those sounds back to IR and allows you to use your iPod as a remote control. As an added bonus, it works up to 100 feet. It's a slick all-in-one unit and we're never going back to 6 remotes ever again.

4. Stethoscope Trainer

It seems the lab coats at Temple University have discovered that med students learning to use a stethoscope recognize the sounds of different heart conditions better if they train their ears with recordings of the conditions on iPods.

According to an article in MacNewsWorld, students trained by listening to the sounds of ailing hearts over and over again, up to 400 heartbeats per ailment. After normal stethoscope training student usually recognize the the different sound about 40% of the time, but after a session with the iPod student successfully IDed the sounds up to 90% of the time!

5. Test Cheating

It has been widely reported  that students are apparently using the iPod to cheat on exams. During tests, they’ll apparently sneak earbuds into their ears and tap into valuable formulas, class notes, voices recordings, etc. Others will even write out crib notes and enmesh them within song lyrics.

6. Self Hypnosis Trainer

One of the apps promoted being promoted  MacZot is "Pzizz". Pzizz generates a sound file which can be put into an iPOD. Tghe sound file will generate  soothing sounds and voice designed to help you take really good naps or help you sleep. You open the app, choose your nap type and how many you wish to generate.

Word of caution donot try it on when you are in Office

7. Last but not least Paperweight/Paperclip

Yes, your two hundred + dollar iPod can serve as an excellent paperweight. It is just heavy enough to keep those all-important pages from flitting away in a breeze.

The new iPod shuffle, with its metal clip can also serve as an emergency paperclip.

Hey, when you really need a weight or a clip you use what is available; it just so happens that the iPod is better at being a paperweight/paperclip than its competition. Go Apple!

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