Monday, February 25, 2008

How cartoons caused total shutdown of YouTube for two hours

YouTube suffered a system-wide outage on Sunday that lasted two hours according to Keynote Systems, which measures Web site performance.

The BBC reported that Pakistan's attempts to block access to YouTube may have been inadvertently been responsible for the outage. Earlier in the day, Pakistan shutoff access to the video site to its country's residents in response to the posting of cartoon.

The BBC Web site's technology editor, Darren Waters, says that it's likely that--to prevent Pakistan's residents from accessing the site--Pakistan Telecom hijacked YouTube's IP and passed that information on the country's Internet service providers so that queries to YouTube would be redirected. However, the details were apparently leaked by Asian ISP PCCW, leading to the global blackout, the BCC reported.

Reminds me of Famous Nana Patekar Dialogue "Saala Ek Machar, Admi ko Hijra banadeta hai"

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