Thursday, July 16, 2009

International attention seeking PM Singhs flip flops at nations expense

Indian Negotiators slam India's climate flip at Italy forum. Till weeks before the Italy meeting, India had stuck to its guns and refused to budge under tremendous pressure from UK and the Obama regime as well as other industrialized countries to be party to the pledge to keep global temperatures from increasing by more than 2 degrees centigrade above the pre-industrial level.

However at at the Italy meet, India shifted its goal posts and PM's signed the statement agreeing to the 2-degree and several other contentious clauses that it earlier considered non-negotiable.

one of the negotiators called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's signing on to the statement a "body blow to everything that we (the Indian officials) have fought for".In his letter to the government, the negotiator, a senior government official, said "India's poor will pay the price for this political declaration".

In one stroke, India gives up its right to the atmospheric space without gaining either the finance or the technology in adequate levels to compensate it.

This comes immediately after UPA’s Flip Flop on Pakistan. it now seems that UPA is preparing ground for talks with Pakistan effectively giving up its post 26/11 position of no talks without Pakistan dismantling terrorist infrastructure!

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